Coach speak
Coach speak
2014-07-31 00:00:00

The best and most entertaining media day quotes from all 12 coaches

 By Jordan Ottaway
 DCTF Contributor 

Media Days are highly anticipated events in the college football world where football fans across the nation have the chance hear what coaches and players have to say about the upcoming fall season and where they see the program going in the coming months.

During the interviews, coaches will answer questions ranging from simply “What does the team need to improve on?” to more difficult questions that deal with players getting in trouble over the offseason. And obviously their answers can be quite entertaining.

Here is a look at some of the best and most entertaining quotes from each Texas coach.

Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin on former quarterback Johnny Manziel:  “No, that's a great question about the Cleveland Browns. Anybody else got something (laughter)?"

TCU's Coach Gary Patterson on the change in offensive philosophy: “I like Gatorade. When you have to beat people 17-13 drinking just water, you’d like to be able to go back and find out what the different Gatorades are and do everything, you know, for a few years, rose Bowl year and all that when you score a lot of points. For me, really, people say it’s just a change in offense. I’ve been looking at it for two years. Truly a change in philosophy. You’ve got to look at every part of how you practice, how you do everything.”

Baylor’s Art Briles on the Bears being considered a Big 12 heavyweight: “So heavyweight, you know what I mean, I try to eat as healthy as possible, so I don’t know about all that. But we certainly don’t feel that way as a program.”

Texas' Charlie Strong on using fear as a motivating factor: “I don't think I fear anyone. Just look at me. I don't think they get afraid of me at all. But when you talk about motivation, you always look at just different — just how can we get something to lean your hat on, where you get the players, where they understand just how important it is.”

Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury when asked to give an opening statement about his team: “Let’s just get to the questions.”

SMU Coach June Jones on his controversial ‘have-nots’ comments: “Those were my personal thoughts.  This conference has a chance and has the leadership and has the direction to be one of the five basically.  I think that we've proven that really this year.  Obviously through the next two to three years, there's going to be some more shake-out on that.”

Houston's Tony Levine on the Cougars’ renovated stadium: “It will be fun to be back on campus.  I think when you talk about distraction of last year, if you will, playing off campus, I think you have to make sure when you're back on campus in a beautiful stadium, it doesn't become a distraction either, especially early.”

North Texas' Dan McCarney on winning at home: “Take care of business at home. We were1-16 when I came in. Everyone liked to get a road win against North Texas, and now we are 12-5 since we have opened Apogee. There’s a new era, new tradition, and now my players expect to win as well.”

UTEP's Sean Kugler on his recruiting philosophy: “We've had to change our recruiting philosophy a little bit. We have gone outside the box when it comes to recruiting linemen. We've gone back east a little bit and some of the northern states to get some bigger sized and physical players. We still recruit in Texas; it's the main state in our recruiting philosophy. But we're not going to sit tight and think that's going to get it done for us — we have to go beyond those boundaries.”

Rice Coach David Bailiff on opening the year at Notre Dame: “"Rice is paying my way, and I get a sideline pass," Bailiff joked. "Is this not a great world?"

UTSA Coach Larry Coker on his energy to keep coaching:  “My energy is good. I think it's because I probably enjoy this as much as anything I've ever done. I'm surrounded by some really good coaches, some younger than I am, and that certainly helps. The players (also) energize me. If I'm tired, I like to get around them. They all bring a lot of energy to the table.”

Texas State Coach Dennis Franchione on improving offensively: “One of the good things is that we have our quarterback back, Tyler Jones. He played last year as a true freshman, and he has what I call ‘it’. We have a lot of returners, 91 career starts on the offensive line. We will be a little new at receiver, but I don’t think we will drop off there. We weren’t very good on offense last year so we have nowhere to go but up.” 

Jordan Ottaway is a special contributor to

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